Vietnamese Professionals of Hawaii

Founded in 2011, the Vietnamese Professionals of Hawaii strive to empower the Vietnamese community in Hawaii.

A little about us

"Remembering the past, celebrating the present, and embracing the future."

VPH is a non-profit and charitable organization dedicated to uniting the local business community, with an emphasis on reaching out to the local Vietnamese business community, to recruit and organize volunteers to carry out charitable work and make the State of Hawaii a better place for everyone.
VPH was founded in June 2011 with a mission to promote, foster and strengthen the civic, social, and professional development of the local Vietnamese community and the broader community in the State of Hawaii by organizing community service efforts and promoting education, advocacy, and civic and professional development. 
Our chief goal in the coming years is to build recognition of VPH as a non profit and charitable organization known for organizing members of the local business community to volunteer for and carry out community service and charitable work.  The dedicated support of our members and supporters will make this goal a reality, and we invite you to be a part of our success!